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(The Appropriation of Pepe)


FLIES: Pepe the Frog is a chill dude living a boring, anonymous life in a large swamp south of the border. He spends his days catching flies for the evening’s feast, all the while daydreaming of fame and fortune.

FEELS GOOD MAN: One day, Pepe decides to pursue his dream of fame and begins posting photographs of himself on the internet in an attempt to garner interest in his expressive face and interesting poses.

MY FACE IS A MEME: Pepe’s face instantly becomes an internet meme sensation, but it doesn’t take long before Pepe comes to realize that he cannot control the direction of his own brand, and his image begins to take on a life of its own.

EVIL SORCERER: Meanwhile, on the other side of the border, the Evil Sorcerer has been closely observing the phemonenon. He decides to steal Pepe’s soul and use the power of its pure viral nature to conjure up all the evil of the nation and, ultimately, conquer the world.

ACROSS THE BORDER: Back at home, Pepe is climbing the walls. He feels empty inside and without direction. He decides he cannot stand idly by and allow the Evil Sorcerer to control the fate of his image, so he is compelled to hop in his car, cross the border, confront the Evil Sorcerer, and reclaim his soul.

PRAYER BREAKFAST: On the other side of the border, the Evil Sorcerer becomes aware of Pepe's presence, so he uses magic mumbo jumbo to slow him down. Pepe finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere. He is approached by a band of Christian missionaries who are under the spell of the Evil Sorcerer, and want to share with Pepe the love of Jesus.


SIR EDMOND THE ENTERSPLAINER: Pepe ascends the Mountain of Knowledge and finds Sir Edmond, who shares with Pepe all the secrets of the universe. Sir Edmond explains to Pepe how he can defeat the Evil Sorcerer and reclaim his soul.

I CAN JUMP: Pepe returns from the Mountain of Knowledge to put an army of frogs together so he can defeat the Evil Sorcerer. He rallies his new Christian friends and convinces them to take a leap of faith with him.

FROG ARMY: Pepe and his army of Christian frogs emerge from the woods for an epic battle between amphibians and the Evil Sorcerer’s black magic. The battle is long and hard, but all their frog faith combined overpowers the Evil Sorcerer’s hate and rage. Finally released from his hypnotic spell, the frog army defeats the Evil Sorcerer and sends him spiraling down to the center of the earth. The frog army hops off in celebration of their new freedom.

PEPE’S SOLILOQUY: Back on the fading battlefield, Pepe reclaims his soul. But upon close examination he is saddened to find that his soul has been irreversibly damaged. Nothing is as he thought it would be.

THE ENERGY OF EVERYTHING: Jesus appears before Pepe to help him find the energy to persevere. He inspires Pepe to take charge of his own life and leave the haters behind. Pepe embraces his scarred soul and is reborn. Jesus goes back to smokin’ a doob and chillin’ on the couch.


released October 4, 2016

Produced by Vinny's Vipers. Recorded at Timber Trout.



all rights reserved


Vinny's Vipers Oakland, California

Subverting since 1987

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Track Name: Alt-Right Frog: Act One
Every day I gather flies for the feast
I’d rather die than live like a blighter in a swamp
I’m a chump
It’s a dump
There’s a number I can try
All I ever eat are flies
There’s a sweeter-tasting life in my mind
if only I could find it
I could surely rise above it and become a superstar
What can a poor frog be in a swamp that’s as big as the sea
And when you’re as small as me
You know that you’ll never be happy with flies
Buzzing all around my head
Makes me wish that I were dead on arrival
It’s a matter of survival
It makes me think my life’ll be better spent in bed
Why do I ever even try?
All I ever do is cry on the phone at the stupid dial tone
‘Cuz every time I call someone they’re never ever home
I could be something more
There’s something for me in store
I could jump to a higher floor
Take a leap of faith and soar/fly

I put my face on Instagram, man
I’m working’ hard to garner fans, man
‘Cuz fame and fortune is the big plan
I put my face on Instagram and it feels good, man
I put my face on all the websites
I do it morning, noon and night
I’ll be somebody who is hella tight
I put my face upon the websites and it feels good, man

9:58 - I check on my Facebook feed
The picture of me that’s blowin’ up is the one with my pants around my knees
10:58 - I got 10,000 likes
What could this possibly mean?
My face is a meme
But it’s not at all what it seems
I’ve seen traces of my faces on spaces and in places that I have never been
“Hey Pepe - It’s blatant - they’re hatin’ on your game, man
I saw you hanging’ out with David Duke at Walmart, bro - what’s up with that?”
“Pepe - it’s your mother - I saw some terrible things on the inter webs
call me back - and tell me about those Nazi symbols on your head”
“Hey Pepe - I’m sittin’ on the shitter looking at my twitter
I see a bunch of tweets go by today - and check this out
They all said #aryanpepe”
“White pride bro? Step aside bro - your face is green, man, I seen it
You keep this shit up I’m gonna give up on you
and unfriend you on Facebook - and I mean it!”
“Hey Pepe - we’re lookin’ straight at you - You’re a racist!
I saw it on the web - therefore it must be true”
“In other news: Local amphibian Pepe the Frog accused of bigotry”
“And I declare…as president, Pepe the Frog will never be as big as me!”
My face is a meme
It’s been taken to the extreme
They use it hatefully, spitefully, artfully, frightfully
Now it’s so obscene!

The sorcerer has seen everything he needs to see
He saw it in his crystal ball
The frog could help him win it all
“I’ll steal his essence, his soul, and everything he loves
his face’s fate is hate - I’ll spread it across the globe”

Across the border to see where we’ll go
We’ll never go back to the places we’ve known
The sorcerer has taken my soul
and now it belongs to the internet trolls
Across the border to see what we’ll seek
Where once there was hope now the outlook is bleak
I don’t want the world to see my face as a symbol of of hatred and anger and rage
Across the border and we’re all broke down
I’d like to meet some people but there’s nobody around
Oh wait
I see someone
He’s standing right over there
His face is kinda orange and he’s got bleach-blond hair
Across the border?
I don’t know if this was the right thing to do
But I guess there’s no goin’ back
And it looks like that guy’s got his crew
Oh shit
Now they’re walkin’ over here
Oh God
Well let’s see what these guys have to say
“Well hey diddly do good neighbor!
Can I talk to you about the love of Jesus Christ?
Follow me - right this way”

We’re takin’ you out to brunch
Prayer breakfast!
We’re takin’ you out to brunch
Come jump with us
We’re takin’ you out to brunch
Prayer breakfast!
We’re takin’ you out to brunch!
Disco meeting people cool
Disco meeting people rad
We’re the ones who help you fight for what is Right
We can help you with your cause
Ever since you came along, now we know our prayers are answered every night
We’re takin’ you out to brunch
Prayer breakfast!
We’re takin’ you out to brunch
Come hop with us
We’re takin’ you out to brunch
Prayer breakfast!
We’re takin’ you out to brunch!
Disco meeting people rules
Disco meeting people glad to know you
We’re your constitution now
With commandments one through ten
and with Jesus as your friend
Make your pride be what can make you feel so proud
We’re takin’ you out to brunch
Prayer breakfast!
We’re takin’ you out to brunch
Come jump with us
We’re takin’ you out to brunch
Prayer breakfast!
We’re takin’ you out to brunch!
Track Name: Alt-Right Frog: Act Two
Let me tell you ‘bout the things that you’ve seen
Chemtrails, Fluoride, Supremacist Memes
Vaccinations lead to Frankenstein Crops
The dark underbelly goes straight to the top
We’ll get to the bottom of this tonight
Under a blood red moon
Just you and me and our conspiracies
We’re all right
That’s the name of this tune
Let’s talk about the nationalists
They got gun rights activists’ powerful fists
It’s all about to blow apart at the seams
When elections get decided by the funniest memes
We’ll get to the bottom of this tonight
Under a blood red moon
Just you and me and our conspiracies are all right
We’ll get there soon
Hey Pepe - come here
Let me tell you you’re a helluva frog
To beat the sorcerer you gotta be strong
‘Cuz that guy puts up a helluva fight
Get your frog crew together and you’ll take him tonight
You’ll get to the top of the heap tonight
Quick as a New York minute
You’re in it to win it and you know it
So don’t blow it
Your world is depending on you

I lived my life on a lily pad
These long legs were just a lumpy stool
I swam around like a little tad
And then I realized
I’d been an awful fool
I can jump!
When I was small I would splash and swear
I would flounder in all the familiar pools
But I risked it all and I reached the farthest shore
And now I realize we’ve all been awful fools
We can jump

The Frog Army came jumping through the woods to defeat the evil sorcerer

The Frog Army came jumping through the woods and they beat the evil sorcerer

Across the valley
The bodies begin to fade
And when I look deep inside my soul
It’s like making lemons out of lemonade
High on a hillside
A soldier begins to mourn
That soldier is me
How will I ever be free?
How can I ever be reborn?
I look up to heaven and I fall down on my knees
Somewhere the higher being has all but forgotten me
But where can I find Him or Her?
Who can She or He be?
I just need a sign dear Lord
Why hast thou forsaken me?

Hey Pepe - I’m here to talk to you
You want help? You want help from me?
I can’t help you that much
I can help you a little
But not that much
You need to find a force that’s bigger than me
I’m not into that anymore
When you need some help
Nowhere to go
When days are high or days are low
You gotta be a frog of independent means
‘Cuz I can offer you a little bit
But not too much
I’m over it
You gotta find The Energy of Everything
I’ll do as much as I can to do as little as I can for you
But I prefer to let my guitar tell you all about it
‘Cuz if you think that I’m all-powerful you’re right
But I got sensible and backed away from all you living beings
‘Cuz there’s a better way to tap into The Force, The Way, The Cosmic Groove
It’s called The Energy of Everything
“Well I hear you, Jesus - thanks a lot - It ain’t what I had, It’s what I’ve got
It’s good advice - it makes me want to sing - with you Jesus”
I’ll do as much as I can to do as little as I can for you